Hinson says EATS Act will protect interstate commerce

U.S. Congresswoman Ashley Hinson says she’s backing a bill that would prevent states from regulating interstate trade and agricultural practices.

“American’s need access to cheap and affordable protein,” she said. “The way to make it more expensive during a time of high inflation is to put more regulation on it.”

The Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression (EATS) Act was introduced in the House last month in response to California’s Proposition 12, a law that bans sales of pork, veal, and eggs from animals whose confinement does not meet minimum space requirements.

The Iowa Republican tells Brownfield interstate commerce must be protected.

“Our Iowa producers know how to raise their animals better than anyone,” she said. “A liberal activist in California shouldn’t be dictating how we produce food in Iowa.”

Hinson says she believes there’s bipartisan support for the bill.

  • I am for the eats act . I like each state to have their own voice in what they choose to export or import. Prop 12 should not be allowed to spread accross the US.

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