Higher fuel prices contribute to county fair attendance

Higher fuel prices could be helping county fair attendance this year.

Dave Hake, Vice President of the Illinois Association of Ag Fairs, tells Brownfield higher fuel prices have detoured people from traveling this summer, making local events more appealing.

“I think because of the gas price people are just staying closer to home this year. Going to the county fair they can get in and out in 10 miles or so and not spend a lot on gas.”

He says many fairs saw increased attendance last year following COVID-19 cancellations and he wasn’t sure how numbers would look this year.

For his home fair in Washington County, “We thought it was going to be a fluke year, but we actually increased our attendance again from last year.”

Hake says with inflation also bumping up prices of food and utilities, he is encouraged to see people choosing to spend their money at county fairs.  

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