A few hiccups in west-central Minnesota corn fields

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An agronomist in west-central Minnesota is observing some hiccups in corn fields planted the last week of April.

Harmon Wilts with Dekalb/Asgrow says overall, the crop looks good.

“The stuff that was planted the 23rd to the 25th of April, we had a few of those plants where the mesocotyl turned down because it was warmer below ground.  There’s a few of those plants that didn’t make it back up, but pretty small (with) a few gaps here and there.”

He tells Brownfield there’s also some corn planted April 27th and 28th with uneven emergence.

“We got back in the field and the ground really didn’t have time to dry up enough (and) was just a little wet, so we’ve seen some unevenness there.  But I think with the rain, the plants are there, just a little bit more uneven.  And then everything after that was really good planting.”

Wilts describes the need to replant corn in his territory as minor, and says about 20 percent of soybean acres remain unplanted as farmers wait for fields to dry out.








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