Hearing focuses on different trade approaches

A central Minnesota cattle producer says frustration is building with the Biden administration’s approach to trade.

Don Schiefelbein says while the administration is focused on addressing unfair trade practices and worker’s rights, there are opportunities for new trade deals, including a bilateral agreement with the United Kingdom.

“These things take a long time to get going. If you can start the ball rolling so the next time the cattle markets take a turn lower we can rely on increased exports to get us out of a jam. That’s a strategy to me that makes a lot of sense.”

Schiefelbein tells Brownfield House lawmakers are going to take an even more active approach with the creation of new trade deals and want the support of agriculture.

“Congress knows us better than the administration and they can make sure they do important things like remove non-tariff trade barriers in these agreements.”

Schiefelbein hosted a U.S. House Ways and Means Committee meeting to discuss trade at his farm near Kimball on Monday.

Photo credit: Don Schiefelbein

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