Harvesting corn in a hurry to beat the snow

The president of the Missouri Corn Growers Association is harvesting on-the-go to beat Old Man Winter.

Jay Schutte, who farms in northeast Missouri near Mexico is back in the field shelling corn after a long spell of drizzly weather and is ready to get it done.

“I always tell people we’re racing against the snow. If this snow were to get hit with a heavy, wet snow right now it would probably force it to the ground and we would lose a significant part of our crop.”

He’s using the latest software to sync his combine with the tractor that’s pulling the grain cart so he doesn’t have to stop to unload grain.

“The combine actually talks to the tractor that’s running the grain cart and we just run parallel to each other down the field. It minimizes the chances of spills and also it’s increasing our efficiency.”

His this year’s yields aren’t so great, “We planted unusually late (because of rain) and the we didn’t get a lot of rains during the summertime.”

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