Harvest right around the corner for Minnesota farmer

Harvest should be starting soon for southeast Minnesota farmer Brent Mohn.

“After the rain this week I think all the soybeans are pretty much going to be ready for harvest. There has been some (harvesting) done around us on some of the drier ground, or (crops) that really got killed around Labor Day in that heatwave. Some of that stuff really dried up and some guys were able to go on that.”

The Lakeville corn and soybean grower anticipates some stand issues with corn.

“We had some acres where above the ear broke off with some of this rain that came with a little bit of wind. Nothing bad (and) don’t have anything falling down yet, but I think the signs are there that I better not dilly dally on some of that (because) it could get to be a problem.”

Mohn tells Brownfield soil type will have a big impact on yields.

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