Harvest progressing for Wisconsin farmer

A Wisconsin farmer says harvest is going well so far.

Chuck Prellwitz farms near Ripon, and says his soybeans are done and one-forth of his corn is harvested, with about 400 acres to go. As for moisture, he says, “Corn is down in that low-20s, 20 to 23 mostly. It’s all going to the dryer.”

Prellwitz and many of his neighbors are taking advantage of the unusually warm November weather to get fieldwork done. “There’s guys doing tillage right behind the combine. A neighbor here where I’m working now, I took a field off and by the time they got done that night, that field was all worked already, so there was guys right behind the combine.”

Prellwitz says it’s been a busy fall because when he’s not in the combine, Prellwitz is helping his son, who is a pastor, with a nearby church remodeling project.

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