A-G’s urge change of course at EPA

A group of state Attorneys General want new EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to change the course of EPA regulation.

Missouri’s Attorney General Josh Hawley joined Indiana and Nebraska and 16 others in a letter asking Pruitt to make sure the EPA follows the law.

Hawley describes the EPA over the last decade as engaging in ‘mission creep’, which he says must be reversed by the new administration, “And get it back to its proper statutory role which is to enforce the statutes the way that they are written and to work with the states in a cooperative arrangement to preserve and protect our natural resources. But also to make sure that folks like farmers and ranchers are able to do their jobs!”

Hawley says the economic damage from the recently rescinded “Waters of the U.S.” rule, for example, would have been devastating for farmers and ranchers. Because of President Trump’s executive order, the rule now goes back to the EPA to start over.

AUDIO: Interview with AG Josh Hawley


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