Growth Energy welcomes announcement that EPA will reject some gap SREs

Growth Energy welcomed the news that EPA is rejecting some of the gap year small refinery exemptions.

Emily Skor is the CEO of Growth Energy.

“This is what it’s going to take to revitalize growth in the months ahead so we’re very pleased with this news,” she says. “It’s decisive news that’s in line with the law, which is what EPA should be doing.”

She tells Brownfield the decision helps remove some of the uncertainty farmers and biofuel producers have faced.

“The litany of exemptions that have been handed out really undermines our ability to make sure we’re blending at adequate levels and it’s destroying demand for American biofuels,” she says. “So, it’s critical for us that the Renewable Fuel Standard work as intended.”

Skor says Growth Energy will continue to work with the White House and Congressional leaders to ensure that biofuel targets are met and that rural communities have the support they need to revitalize growth moving forward.

Audio: Emily Skor

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