Growth Energy CEO optimistic sustainable aviation fuel market will take flight

The CEO of Growth Energy is optimistic about the sustainable aviation fuel market taking flight.

Emily Skor tells Brownfield ethanol has an opportunity to play a role in decarbonizing emission-heavy industries like aviation.

“Already a group of Growth Energy members including ADM pledged to produce by 2025 20 percent of the administration’s 3 billion gallon (sustainable aviation fuel) goal for 2030.”

She suggests that’s a big endorsement going forward.

“We know this is something the administration is really excited about (but) we’re not there yet. We need to have solid policy that shows there’s long-term market potential growth there for us, so we can continue to have the confidence for the R&D needed to get there.”

Skor says groups like Growth Energy are telling the administration biofuels make sense in the hard-to-electrify and hard-to-decarbonize spaces with the right policy.

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