GROWMARK FS seeing minimal input supply disruptions from COVID-19

A GROWMARK FS representative says they have seen little to no COVID-19 related disruptions to input supplies this spring.

“I feel very confident that we have enough product to get the 2020 season off to a good start.”

Crop Protection Division Manager Jeff Bunting says 99% of their corn seed and 97% of their soybean seed has been shipped out and most crop protection actives were in the states before COVID-19 hit.  

“The other benefit to this is that we had a large carry over of inventory from 2019. Corn didn’t get planted and beans didn’t get planted and so we still have that inventory to pull from too.”

During a farmdoc webinar Tuesday, Bunting said they are seeing a slight shortage of actives for specialty crops that come from China. Aside from those, he says there is enough product to go around, producers just need to be proactive and have a backup plan if there are logistical problems.

“So, think about the overall season in different segments. What do you need for the next 30 to 60 days out?”

GROWMARK has cooperatives in Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin and provides agronomic inputs to growers across the US and Canada.

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