Growers question impact of Mexico GM corn ban

Growers are asking what if Mexico’s planned ban on genetically modified corn really happens. 

Anne Thompson is the Director of Political Strategy for the National Corn Growers Association.  She says the Mexican President’s term ends in June of 2024 and the ban is supposed to begin in January of 2024, so NCGA is working to stop the ban now instead of waiting for a new President. “I think we kind of have to operate under the assumption that his successor could have the same viewpoint on biotech, or arguably, could be worse. I think we have an opportunity to work with the known versus the unknown.”

And if the ban does take effect, Thompson says the economic impact on U.S. agriculture would be huge. “A loss of 73.89 billion dollars in economic output for the U.S. over ten years. That’s a loss of 32 thousand jobs.”

Thompson made her comments during the Wisconsin Corn-Soy-Pork Expo Thursday.

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