Growers continue to combat weed resistance challenges

Weed resistance is a growing concern for many farmers, according to a leader with Helm Agro U.S.  

Aaron Locker, vice president of sales, says the company wants to help growers manage weeds while maximizing yields.

“With weed resistance being very prevalent across the spectrum we try to look for opportunities and innovations that are going to help growers battle weed resistance through a multitude of different chemistries,” he says. “What we’ve learned over the last several years is that multiple modes of action are the key in helping growers manage weed resistance and making sure the investment they put into their crop pays off big dividends in the growing season. And, by a combination of a different herbicide classes we’re able to put together innovative solutions for growers so they can manage those weed resistance through multiple modes of action.”

He says growers are facing two major challenges.

“One is managing the pests that are out there today and weed resistance is key among them. Today we have to focus on developing products that control weeds and other pests in crops efficiently, effectively, and economically,” he says. “Second, we then take that to the next level, and look under the microscope if you will, to say ‘how do I help growers unlock the genetic potential in the crop.’”  

Helm Agro U.S. is a global manufacturer of crop protection and fertilizer products.

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