Grocers work to reduce food waste

The leader of the Wisconsin Grocers Association says the entire supply chain is concerned about food waste, and grocery retailers are doing what they can to reduce it. 

Brandon Scholz with the Wisconsin Grocers Association says, “Know that grocers do things to reduce food waste (and it) is something consumers never really see.”

Scholz tells Brownfield that like farmers, they try to get the most out of every product they bring in because discarding food costs money. “Anything they can do, whether it’s in the produce department, the dairy department, meat department, bakery, wherever there’s parishable products.” He says, “You want to get to them and see what you can do to repurpose them and put them on the shelf for something that people might want to buy… and they do.”

For example, today’s unsold rotisserie chicken might be tomorrow’s pulled barbeque chicken in the deli.  Scholz says margins are thin at the grocer level, with less than a dollar on a 100-dollar grocery purchase.

Scholz was a panelist at the Professional Dairy Producers Dairy Insights Summit in Madison, Wisconsin Tuesday.

Audio: Brandon Scholz discusses food waste reduction by grocers with Brownfield’s Larry Lee

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