Green, growing plants remove CO2, not batteries

A corn industry leader says announcements by major motor companies, like GM, retooling for electric vehicles puts major pressure on the liquid fuel sector including ethanol.

Jim Zook with the Corn Marketing Program of Michigan tells Brownfield he believes the discussion will change as more emphasis is put on the importance of green, growing plants in carbon sequestration.

“We have science behind us that does prove that corn-based ethanol—corn—is the number one row crop for reducing CO2,” he says.   

He says farmers need to be better armed with the science that supports ethanol as a solution in becoming carbon neutral and its importance in climate policy.

“It helps to remove that CO2 from our environment,” he says.  “That’s something that I do believe that no other power source for our mobility can say.”

Zook points to a partnership with the American Lung Association which he says has been advocating for E85 fuels for several years to improve air quality.

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