Grassley sees unprecedented partisanship impeding farm bill

A longtime U.S. Senator suggests passing the next farm bill could prove especially difficult.

Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley tells Brownfield he’s worked on farm bills for nearly five decades and current negotiations seem more partisan than ever before.

“The inability, at least in the Senate, to reach a basic agreement that if you save money in one part of the farm bill that could be spent in another part of the farm bill, or maybe not spend at all. That basic decision has turned out to be a big difference between Republicans and Democrats.”

He suggests the lack of progress since last summer is alarming.

“For this to go on for six months like it has this year, I think is troubling for next year.”

Grassley says if the new farm bill is not passed before the Republican and Democrat national conventions in July and August, there won’t be a farm bill in 2024.

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