Grassley says proposed cattle market bill represents his constituents

US Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa says he’ll continue to push for progress on his cattle market transparency bill despite calls from American Farm Bureau to revise it.  “First of all, I represent Iowa and Fischer represents Nebraska,” he says.  Both the Iowa Farm Bureau and the Nebraska Farm Bureau, and our beef associations support our bill. We represent our people.”

During his weekly call with reporters, Grassley said the regional approach in the proposed bill allows for flexibility.  “If you want to still contract, you can do that under our bill, but there ought to be some leeway,” he says.  “So that the family farmer, the independent producer, the person and wants to negotiate daily challenge can get a market, too.”

And, he says the biggest push-back on the bill is coming from the large commercial feedlots.  “I would just hope that the National Beef Association, or whatever their official title is, would want to speak for Iowa family farmers, as much as they want to speak for the big commercial feedlots,” he says. 

Last week the American Farm Bureau announced its membership voted and decided it would not support mandated trade volume, a shift from its previous position.

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association meets in Houston, Texas next week, where its members will also set policy.

  • Senator Grassley is representing his people as he should. Too many of our political leaders, college professors and the NCBA Leaders are controlled bu the Packers ajd large feed lots. It appears the National farm Bureau leaders have given in tothe politicl pressure and forsaken their cattle produdcer and feeder members. Our two Senators from Miss. are controlled by the packers and NCBA, as the have shown time after time in their votes. Bur we have a large Chicken and pork industry in the state controlled by the same packers and with therr political donations and grants to yhe Universitys and college professors and programs , the small cattle producers have very little influenc on any issures that the packers oppose or the the NCBA does not support..

  • The Family Farms and Small local producers should have the same representation and fair sale abilities no matter how many cattle or other livestock they bring to the sale barn.
    Being a large producer should not give anyone a better deal.
    I’am a small farmer and I am proud of the cattle that I raise and deliver to be processed for the consumption by all people!!!

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