Grassley says E15 emergency waiver needed soon

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley says the Environmental Protection Agency needs to act soon on a potential emergency waiver that would allow sales of E15 this summer.

“Don’t give me this stuff from the EPA that the suppliers don’t have time to adjust to a June 1st sale of E15,” he said. “Last year at this very same time (EPA) announced it and (suppliers) didn’t have any trouble adjusting to it.”

The Iowa Republican says consumers need a lower-cost option at the pump.

“The price of gas is up almost as much as it was a year ago,” Grassley said. “It’s time to have E15 year-round and get the price of gasoline down.”

The EPA has said it will allow year-round E15 sales beginning in 2024, but no action has been taken for the 2023 summer driving season.

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