Glyphosate, other ag chemicals short in supply and more expensive

An agronomist says farmers are having some problems acquiring ag chemicals including glyphosate.

“It’s real” says Eric Birshbach from Ag Site Crop Consulting in Verona, Wisconsin. He tells Brownfield he talked with two ag chemical suppliers last week. “One guy, a smaller supplier, his branded Roundup order was cut by 75%. I talked to a guy from United Co-op who works with many big growers, and he said the generic Roundup is gone, just, it’s not in the warehouse. It’s not in supply at all.”

Birshbach says he reached out to his clients to make sure they had what they needed in the shed, and some do not.

Wisconsin Soybean Association President Tony Mellenthin tells Brownfield that lower availability means prices are up considerably in the last two to three months. “It’s been about three months since we procured ours, and it’s up about 35% from the middle of January.”

And, Mellenthin says his supplier of Corteva’s glyphosate product called Durango is equally hard to get. “They’ve had Durango on backorder for a long time now, and right now, the best guess is sometime in June if they’re lucky, and they’ll let you know the price when it’s on the truck.”

Agronomist Scott Rountree with Pioneer tells Brownfield it’s not just glyphosate that is in short supply. “Soil-applied insecticides, liquid applied insecticides in-furrow have become a little bit more challenging to get, so that’s a planter time decision, so these growers need that product here in the next couple of weeks as they put it on with the planters.” Birshbach says another chemical in tight supply is Select and its generic equivalent, which is popular for controlling volunteer corn in soybeans.

The agronomists recommend if farmers are offered delivery of ag chemicals, they should accept now because there might not be another chance to get what is needed this growing season.

  • I’m glad its gone. It should be banned. I’m now gluten intolerant and have to buy organics. It’s been an issue for the last 12 years since I’ve been diagnosed. For all those who are now gluten intolerant, which certainly changed my life, Monsanto should be sued for doing irreparable harm

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