FSA offers help for wildfire livestock damage

The destruction from wildfires in four western states has put many livestock producers in the position of having to rebuild – and the USDA’s Farm Service Agency has several programs in the works. Jack Salava, Acting director of the Kansas FSA, says producers will have to put together supporting documents of the number of cattle they had on hand and the number of cattle deaths, “Photographs are great. Also, if we get certifications from veterinarians or others who are third parties to certify the death losses. ALL of that is going to help support their claims for the benefits they’re entitled to because of these disasters.”

The FSA partners with the NRCS to provide assistance for rebuilding fences, “We’re anticipating we’ll have a big demand in this area where the wildfires were so hot. They destroyed fences, burned out all the corners, in fact, the wire’s probably not even useable anymore. So, we’re going to see a lot of rebuilding of fences in the area.

The Kansas FSA has also applied for emergency loan approval to begin offering those to affected livestock producers as soon as possible.


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