Former ag secretaries join Perdue to push USMCA

Three former U.S. ag secretaries joined Secretary Perdue in Washington today to voice their support for Congress to ratify the USMCA.

Tom Vilsack, who is Perdue’s immediate predecessor, said, “I think if there is any one issue upon which ALL secretaries of agriculture can agree it’s the importance to American agriculture of trade.”

Dan Glickman, who served under President Clinton, credited Perdue and the USDA for helping farmers through trade and other uncertainties, “That uncertainty would be much worse if we didn’t get a trade agreement with our partners, our neighbors. Mexico and Canada. And, after all, if we can’t work out with them then we can’t work out with anybody. Then farmers face very serious problems and anxieties in terms of trying to sell their products to the world.”

John Block, who served under President Reagan, said ratification of the USMCA is vital to U.S. agriculture, “We’ve got trade conflicts and arguments with countries all over the world. Not to mention especially with China. But, with our two neighbors, with Canada and Mexico, we need to get this agreement approved!”

The three men joined all of the past ag secretaries back to Reagan in a letter to Congressional leaders expressing their support.

Perdue says USMCA is President Trump’s fulfillment of a promise to renegotiate NAFTA and its support crosses all political parties, specifically when it comes to the ag community.

Perdue, Vilsack, Glickman, Block

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