First settlement payments from Syngenta lawsuit are being mailed

The first settlement payments to farmers in the Syngenta corn class action lawsuit will start going out later this week, according to a news release from the Kansas City law firm representing farmers in the case.

The announcement says most of the farmers can expect total payments exceeding 5,000 dollars. The payments stem from the one-point-five billion dollar settlement related to Syngenta’s marketing and commercialization of Agrisure Viptera and Agrisure Duracade corn seeds, which is believed to be the largest agricultural settlement in U.S. history.

To receive payment, participants in the class action lawsuit must have submitted all required payment documents, including W-9 forms. The law firm says no payments will be made unless and until a W-9 form is received. They can be submitted at

  • O.12 per bushel. The only people that made money on this deal are the thieving attorney’s and it took two years to even calculate the amount due by the administrators. An absolute cluster fail.

  • The people who have the farm next to me and the person who cash rents both that property and mine have received some money. I have not. I called early this year and was told that they had my claim and tax form.
    Could you please let me know why they have been paid and I have not. Thank you,..

  • Please send my check. We have been waiting so long. I have had a change in my email. My claim number is P 885411694

  • I have not received my check from Syngenta . It is June 20 2020. Dennis N Meyer deceased and filed under as Beverly A Meyer Trustee

  • Have not received a check. All paperwork was done. What’s the deal ? This is July checks were supposed to be done in March

  • Have not received anything as of July 13, 2020. What’s holding things up? At least give some kind of update. All paperwork submitted months ago. This claim filed on behalf of an estate of my deceased father and myself and my brother are co executors and we have sent everything we were asked to send.

  • Don’t you all understand, “Justice comes from the barrel of a gun….not a cluster * group of lawyers and hometown St Louis, MO .judges.

    *verbiage changed slightly by Admin.

  • If we got the 14 cents per bushel claimed by the Syngenta theiving lawyers we would have been paid about $111,000 and we so far have received just over $6700. What we got was 1 cent per bushel. Liars all of them!!!

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