Fields showing signs of split growth patterns

Crop conditions remain variable in Michigan following inconsistent rains across the state.

Golden Harvest Seeds Michigan agronomist Charles Scovill tells Brownfield crop emergence is dependent on if seeds found moisture at planting.

“We’ve got crop out there right now that’s two to three inches tall side-by-side crop that’s 18 to 20 inches tall, and that’s going to cause some real challenges when it comes to harvest this fall,” he shares.

Scovill is currently seeing rapid growth syndrome which he says appears like scattered yellow plants in corn fields as plant growth has been accelerating.

“It probably looked like it was buggy whipping and wrapped up tight, and then after a couple of days that plant tissue relaxed and opened up,” he explains.  “But those leaves that were tightly rolled in there just weren’t getting the photosynthesis and chlorophyll, so they had a bright yellow look to them. A day or two later, those plants will green right back up and it will go away.”

Meanwhile, he says yellow-looking soybeans and corn on high pH soils is likely a sign of manganese deficiency.

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