Feenstra says midterm results will influence next farm bill

A Republican Congressman from Iowa suggests the outcome of next week’s midterm elections will have a significant impact on the next farm bill.

Randy Feenstra, a member of the House Agriculture Committee, tells Brownfield if the House becomes Republican-led.

“Then GT Thompson, Congressman from Pennsylvania, will be the writer of that bill. And with the 12 different titles, from energy to trade to conservation, you name it, these are big topics that the majority party whose writing this will take over.”

He says the majority party will also control farm bill hearings.

“That’s another very big topic of, alright where are the hearings going to be around the nation? So this is very significant and we’ll know that here in a week, then we’re going to start taking off and get this bill written.”

Feenstra says he hopes the 2023 Farm Bill can be finished by this time next year.

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