Farmers Union President expects farm bill & supply management discussions at convention

National Farmers Union delegates are concerned about the overall farm economy, as they meet in Bellevue, Washington. 

National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson tells Brownfield their delegates are talking about low farm prices and the safety net programs in the new farm bill. “There’s a lot of concern about what this farm bill is going to look like when it’s implemented and there’s some, at least I think some modest hope among dairy farmers that the farm bill will improve their lot.”

He also anticipates delegates will bring up a familiar topic. “I expect there will be debate about wanting to put supply management back into the farm bill, certainly on the dairy side, there will be that concern raised, and I expect it will be raised across the commodity side as well.”

Any new policy initiatives will be voted on Tuesday. 

The National Farmers Union convention began Sunday in Belleview, Washington.

Listen to Brownfield’s pre-convention interview with Roger Johnson here:

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