Farmers say contracts, not compensation are needed in trade deals

Farmers for Free Trade say now is the time for the Trump administration to sign trade agreements, not explore ways to compensate farmers for lost markets.

Angela Marshall Hofmann with Farmers for Free Trade says the pressure is building for farmers operating on razor thin margins.  “Farmers we hear across the country are not looking for compensation right now, they’re looking for contracts and a way to continue to sell their goods and get a good price.”

Michigan Soybean Association president Dave Williams says he’s not sure his farm will be able to weather the storm while tariffs and threats have eroded the soybean market the last few months.  “I’m a fifth-generation farmer in central Michigan, I farm with my nephew who’s a sixth-generation and he has two daughters that will hopefully be the seventh-generation.  However, if we can’t resolve some of these trade issues and bring our commodity prices back up, I don’t know how possible that will be.”

Marshall Hofmann says finalizing NAFTA would go a long way in resolving trade disputes.

Ag leaders and 15 state farm bureaus gathered in Grand Rapids, Michigan this week to discuss pressing commodity issues and policy.

AUDIO: Farmers for Free Trade press conference during the Joint National Commodity Conference

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