Farmers’ patience “is running out”

Scott VanderWal South Dakota farmer

The House Ways and Means subcommittee on trade has heard from farmers about their many trade war concerns. Scott VanderWal farms in South Dakota and testified, “Patience among farmers is running out as we get closer to the main selling season. As of (Tuesday), since the end of May, new crop soybean futures have dropped about $2-dollars a bushel or 20% and corn has dropped about 65-cents a bushel.”

AUDIO:  Scott Vanderwal:

Minnesota Farm Bureau president Kevin Paap also testified, saying ag exports are critical economic drivers, “We cannot afford to lose our place at the table as a leader in the global marketplace. We need to be at the table! If we’re not at the table, WE will be on the menu.”

AUDIO: Kevin Paap:

The message to Congress from those who testified at Wednesday’s hearing is that MANY farmers will go out of business if the trade war continues.

  • I have heard nothing about how we are going to get our customers back should this tariff war be settled ! They are already finding alternative suppliers.Will they trust us again ?

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