Farmers for Free Trade pushing for trade progress in 2019

The executive director of Farmers for Free Trade says he is hopeful farmers will see trade progress in the new year.

Brian Kuehl says the recent trade truce with China is a start…

“We’d like to see the trade war with China wrapped up,” he says. “We need to get back into the business of trading- China’s our biggest trading partner.”

But, he tells Brownfield the tariffs on Canada and Mexico still need to be addressed.

“We still have these steel tariffs in place which means they’re still retaliating against our agricultural products- cheese, pork, and processed foods,” he says. “All matter of products are being taxed because of this trade war and we need to get that over and lifted.”

Kuehl says Farmers for Free Trade would also like to see the administration focus on new trade deals.

“Whether it’s getting back into TPP or a bilateral agreement with Japan or with other countries- let’s put our energy into opening new markets not into renegotiating great agreements that we already have,” he says.

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Audio: Brian Kuehl, Farmers for Free Trade

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