Farmers are discussing tax policy and other priorities during Corn Congress

The National Corn Growers Association’s Corn Congress is underway this week in New Orleans.

Mike Beard is a central Indiana farmer and president of Indiana Corn Growers Association.

“Those action team meetings have representatives from all over the corn growing regions of the U.S. that come together and talk about things like ethanol, market development, risk management,” he says. “Those teams will help us set legislative priorities for the next year.”

He tells Brownfield the farm bill and potential tax changes are priorities.  

“The farm bill is coming up and we’ll begin to set the basics for that and what’s coming up. We’ve had some pilot projects about conservation tied to crop insurance premiums and we’ve had good discussions about what the numbers should be,” he says. “And, some of the proposed tax changes that are rumored to be coming down from the administration could be really scary and destroy family-owned agriculture as we see it in the U.S.”

Brownfield spoke to Beard during the recent Purdue Farm Management Tour.

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