Farmer worried this year’s profits will be swallowed up by next year’s inputs

A southeast Minnesota farmer is concerned next year’s input costs are going to evaporate this year’s profits.

Ed McNamara grows corn and soybeans in Goodhue County.

“If we’re looking at 30 to 40 percent increase in inputs for next year, any profits you had this year are probably going to be used up by purchasing inputs into next year.”

He tells Brownfield crop fertility programs might need to be adjusted.

“I think if (you) are going to look at doing something if he doesn’t have starter fertilizer on the planter, maybe that might be an investment that would pay dividends next year if (you) band fertilizer rather than broadcast. Might save them some money.”

McNamara also anticipates limited access to certain herbicides and says some farmers will be forced to change corn and soybean genetics.

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