Farmer: ethanol is ready to meet climate challenges

Expanding availability and use of higher blends of ethanol will help address climate challenges, according to Ohio farmer Patty Mann. 

“The Biden administration is much more focused on climate and we feel this is a good opportunity for ethanol to fill in a lot of this need for renewable fuels, and with the reduction in greenhouse gases and the demands of cleaner air, we think ethanol is going to have a great opportunity here to be a fuel of the future,” she says.

She tells Brownfield corn farmers will continue to work with lawmakers and support the Next Generation Fuels Act, which is being reintroduced in Congress.

“The Next Generation Fuels Act could be a real opportunity for ethanol moving forward and to keep that a really strong piece of our market,” she says.

Mann says the industry is critical to corn famers.

“Forty percent of all the corn we produce goes into ethanol production,” she says. “It’s a huge part of our market and to keep that strong or grow that we just need to get higher blends of ethanol available in more places.”

Mann is the former president and current chair of the Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers Association.

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