Farmer says ACA is not affordable for her

A Michigan farmer says the Affordable Care Act is not affordable for her and will double her families’ health care premiums while tripling their deductible.  Theresa Zaluckyj  farms with her husband and two sons in Coloma, Michigan.  They grow corn and soybeans on 2,ooo acres.  She tells Brownfield Ag News she’s always made sure her family is covered but under the new law they would have to pay $2000 a month in premiums with a $12,000 deductible, “We know we can keep our insurance until August. I’m really hoping something will be done by August to change this. If not, I don’t know if we – we’ve talked about going without insurance and, you know, hoping nothing happens.”

She tells Brownfield they are not eligible for a tax break to offset the higher costs…something Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack told Brownfield could help family farmers, “It makes me angry that they aren’t listening to the people that are actually going through this. And when, you know (Senator) Harry Reid says everybody’s liars who have these horror stories, it’s just, it’s really frustrating.”

Interview with Theresa Zaluckyj (6:00 mp3)

Brownfield Ag News – Vilsack says ACA helping rural Americans


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