Farm Technology Days will highlight new and old technology

Larry with Arnie J

Wisconsin’s Farm Technology Days next month will show off new and old technology. 

The three-day farm show July 18th, 19th, and 20th is known for it’s centerpiece called Innovation Square, but coordinator Anna Maenner (MAY’ ner) tells Brownfield this year, Madison College will show the diversity of diesel power and expose people to the many ag careers powered by diesel. “You need to drive semis. You need to repair tractor engines. You need to know how to use GPS. You need to know all of these different things and they wanted to tell that story, so we decided that’s a story that needs to be told. We need people to go into those careers.”

Farm Technology Days General Manager Arnie Jennerman tells Brownfield the third-largest attraction to the show is the heritage equipment, and hosting the show at the Badger Steam and Gas Club grounds will expand that display. “The farm industry is one that is quickly moving forward, adopting new technology because you have to to survive, but it also cherishes the past. I think it cherishes the people who came before.”

Farm Technology Days will also have different farm and agribusiness tours each day, and tour tickets for the limited space will be available on their website.

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