Farm data driving sustainability messages

A sustainability leader with Syngenta says new tools are helping to measure the environmental progress farmers are making and sharing that impact throughout supply chains.

North America sustainability lead Trent Wimmer with Syngenta tells Brownfield farm-level data helps everyone along the food value chain.

“This gives us a new way to have conversations, not just with the farmers that are producing the crop, but people downstream—whether it’s a processor or a consumer packaged goods company, now we have new ways instead of just talking yield,” he says.

Wimmer says producing higher yields is just one way to be sustainable.  Their Crop Wise Sustainability app is free to help farmers benchmark practices and aggregate progress for partners.

“We have the ability to benchmark with a tool called the Sustainable Outcomes in Ag standard,” he shares.  “This is a standard Syngenta created to allow us to understand producers, not right or wrong what they’re doing, but what they’re doing in an area. How does it compare to their peers in that same geography and the same crops are growing?”

He says more data makes for smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable growers.

Syngenta’s Enogen seed, which increases dairy cow feed efficiency, was also a highlighted innovation as part of the Conservation in Action Tour at the Thistle Dew Dairy Farm stop in Vassar, Michigan.

  • Syngenta offering a ‘sustainability tool’ is like letting the wolf in the henhouse and believe he’s babysitting. Why would agribusiness want you to think using their product is akin to sustainability? Their effects on lands and water resources, there is no sustainability by keeping their products in use. Just another way to gather farmers info and continue to market to them and continue selling their data to others.

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