FamilyFarms Group: carbon market caution

The Operations Manager of FamilyFarms Group says growers need to use patience if they are getting into the carbon markets.

Scott Locker tells Brownfield Ag News it’s not going to necessarily be a quick payday for farmers. While there are pilot programs out there, he says it’s important to find out if they are selling carbon credits for all. And, know what you risks are.

“You may want to take, you know, spread your risks out a little bit like you do seed corn. You don’t just plant one hybrid across all your acres, you spread it out. It may be the same type of situation here for you as well.”

Locker says there are no uniform standards for carbon markets and there needs to be.

“It’s a wild west show right now. I will admit that. I do think this is going to be kind of like what the organic market is. We’re going to see something like this evolve over time.”

He says other questions to ask are whether the contracts are flexible, how growers will get paid and who’s the buyer for the carbon credits.

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