Extreme heat taking toll on Iowa crops

Yield potential could fall as temperatures heat up.

Iowa State University Extension field agronomist Angie Rieck-Hinz says this week’s hot conditions combined with dryness in some areas won’t help grain fill.

“When we stay extremely warm at night like we have been, those plants tend to burn through that sugar. And then that sugar does not translate into carbohydrates in that kernel, so we get a lighter test weight when we get these prolonged periods of heat.”

She tells Brownfield most soybeans are past flowering and done putting on pods.

“And once again, both heat and drought stress can impact not only the number of pods on that plant because we will abort pods as that plant is under stress, but also will produce less beans per pod.”

Rieck-Hinz says another concern for corn is stalk integrity because the plant is reallocating carbohydrates to survive the hot, dry weather.

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