Expert: Beef industry is not the culprit of the climate crisis

An air quality extension specialist says the environmental impact of beef has been overstated. 

Frank Mitloehner with UC Davis says his research shows livestock production is not the environmental culprit that it’s been made out to be. “The livestock sector has a contribution but let’s make sure we’re not overblowing that contribution.  We need to acknowledge what that contribution is. Set goals and say in the future we want to reach further reductions.”

He quoted an EPA stat that says cows produce 4 percent of greenhouse gases while the fossil fuels sector emits 80 percent.

Mitloehner says efforts like educating consumers, the use of new feed additives and research for ways to reduce methane are helpful. “Sustainability is not a goal it’s a path we walking on.  It’s a path we’re working on.  You never get there but we’re making constant improvements.”

He made his comments at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Heuermann Lecture Series.

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