Expert ag advocates offer advice for communicating with consumers

A panel of expert communicators shared their advice for telling the story of agriculture to consumers.

Minnesota’s Princess Kay of the Milky Way Anna Euerle says when talking about something you’re passionate about, it’s not a daunting task at all. “Even though, if you take a step back and look at what we’re doing here today and you think, man, I don’t think I could ever do that, once you get up here and really are able to voice your passions, all of those nerves just disappear in a second.”

Wisconsin’s Alice in Dairyland Julia Nunes says it helps to understand who the audience is. “Do I want to reach people my age who aren’t involved in agriculture? Do I want to reach moms who have never been on a farm? Do I want to communicate to other people in agriculture? I would start there and figure out who you want to reach and what messages you want to get across.”

And Nunes says people always remember stories more than a list of facts. “If you have experiences in agriculture, share your own personal stories because that’s what people, they love to hear that stuff.”

Wisconsin’s Fairest of the Fairs Jackie Rosenbush from Washburn County says not to worry about being perfect. “Sometimes we try to be very polished and poised, but some of us just aren’t like that, and that’s okay. Being an advocate in the industry or for a leadership cause, or for whatever you’re passionate about is important and the best way you can do that is by being yourself.”

The three agriculture advocates participated in a panel discussion during the recent University of Wisconsin-River Falls Ag Day on Campus.

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