EPA to make herbicide announcement Tuesday

Farmers might learn Tuesday what they can and cannot do with dicamba next growing season.

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler is planning an afternoon announcement in Georgia, with the state’s ag commissioner, and Farm Bureau’s Zippy DuVall. 

A senior communications official with the EPA tells Brownfield he can’t be specific, but “it’ll pertain to a herbicide that impacts cotton and soybean farmers”.

The EPA was planning to release a decision about re-registration of dicamba in the middle of October.  A California court forced EPA to withdraw dicamba’s registration earlier this year, and growers of soybeans and cotton are wondering if they will have the herbicide available next spring—and if so, what new restrictions may apply.

  • Very happy to hear that poisonous pesticides are being taken off the market. There are healthy alternatives to pesticides that aren’t as expensive or detrimental to workers and consumers health.

    • Only certain pesticides are toxic. they, and all other pesticides, have restrictions on them. I assume you have dealt little to none at all with herbicides. There are actually toxicity labels on all pesticides. I have personally worked with dicamba and it doesnt seem to be toxic at all. There are no dead bugs or dead wildlife in or around our fields. If you havent done research, dont call something poisonous/toxic just because you are told that it is. When in reality it helps the farmer and helps create more plentiful and better food. Also “healthier” sometimes carries a much higher price tag per acre.

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