EPA sends biofuels plan to White House

The EPA reportedly has sent its biofuels-blending draft regulations for next year to the White House with slightly higher targets.

Bloomberg reports the proposed rule would require refiners to use 5.17 Billion gallons of advanced biofuels in 2021, up 80-million from this year.

Politico reports the White House appears to be holding firm on its 2020 mandate as oil and ethanol – both hurt by the decline in fuel use in the pandemic – seek help from the administration for their separate interests.

The EPA has until November 30th to finalize its 2020 blending targets under the RFS.

  • President Trump and his crooked EPA administration have tried to ruin ethanol, with their fake refinery wavers , farmers don’t want free money we want our markets back that Trump has destroyed, raise the rfs or we here in Iowa Illinois and Indiana will not vote for Trump and his crooked epa again

  • If Trump hands out more ethanol waivers this year and his crooked EPA doesn’t follow the law, Iowa Illinois and Indiana will not vote for him.Trump has killed the demand for farmers.

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