EPA approval of Syngenta Fortenza®, sought for Tavia®

A new insecticide seed treatment has gotten EPA registration approval for use in corn and cotton. Syngenta’s Fortenza® seed treatment is formulated to provide early-season protection – above and below ground –  from black cutworm, fall armyworms, white grub, seedcorn maggots and wireworms.

Syngenta has developed a dicamba premix and is seeking EPA approval for future growing seasons. Tavium® (Tay-vee-um) has been developed for use in dicamba-tolerant soybeans and cotton. It’s an active ingredient blend  of dicamba plus another chemical (S-metolachlor). Syngenta says Tavium has dual modes of action compared with stand-alone dicamba producuts, for increased “efficacy and sustainability.” The blend also contains VaporGrip technology to decrease the volatility of dicamba.


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