EPA allows limited use of M-44 devices to continue

The EPA will allow the continued use of sodium cyanide to kill wild predators of livestock in approved states.

The compound is used in M-44 devices, and the agency has introduced new restrictions which include a 600-foot buffer around residences and an extended barrier for designated walking paths and roads.

Northern Minnesota cow/calf producer Shayne Isane says the M-44 is not registered in Minnesota.

“But I know it’s very effectively used in states west of us where predation is much more prevalent.”

South Dakota, Texas, Montana, Wyoming, and New Mexico are the only states that hold registrations for sodium cyanide products.

Isane tells Brownfield he doesn’t have many options for protecting his animals.

“We are pretty much limited to hunting and trapping of the predators, and that’s because it only can happen by federal trappers that are brought in after we have confirmed kills on our farm, which we’ve had several over the years.”

Groups like the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association are applauding the EPA for working with USDA to ensure ranchers maintain access to the predator control device.

But the Center for Biological Diversity calls the decision on M-44’s appalling and says there should be a nationwide ban.

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