Energy efficiency programs paying in Michigan


Ag business partnerships with utilities are helping to increase energy efficiency savings in Michigan.

Chuck Lippstreu with the Michigan Agri-Business Association tells Brownfield in the last few years the state’s agricultural industry has partnered with Consumers Energy and DTE Energy to create specific energy efficiency programs.  “We have members, large users of energy, saving tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on an annual basis just on their energy line.”

He says a new report from the Michigan Public Service Commission shows every dollar spent on energy efficiency programs translates to $4 in energy savings. The report also found the average cost of renewable energy to be less than energy produced from coal.

Lippstreu says renewable energy is becoming more promising for farms and ag businesses as technology becomes more efficient and cost effective.  “There are tremendous opportunities for folks to look at renewable energy either on a small business or, to some extent, on an industrial scale.”

He says energy reliability also continues to be a priority for the organization as food and ag processing continues to grow in the state.

AUDIO: Interview with Chuck Lippstreu 

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