Egg production up in October

The USDA says 9.55 billion eggs were produced in the U.S. during October, up 4% on the year, with a 3% increase in layers.

That was due to year-to-year improvements in the number of layers and the rate of lay, even as the data points to lower egg and broiler supplies later this year due to demand uncertainties.

Most of the monthly total was table eggs at 8.2 billion, along with 1.3 billion hatching eggs, including 1.2 billion broiler-type and 98 million egg-type.

Egg-type chicks hatched in October were up 1% on the year, even as the number of eggs in incubators and the placements of egg-type chicks both shrunk 1%.

The number of broiler-type chicks hatched fell 4%, but placements of broiler-type pullets for hatchery supply flocks were 6% higher, signaling possible expansion in 2024.

The USDA’s next set of annual egg and poultry production numbers is out December 8th.

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