Economist says pork producers unsure of Prop 12 impact

A livestock economist says the pork industry is still uncertain how California’s Proposition 12 will impact markets.

The state currently accounts for about 15 percent of the nation’s pork consumption and Brenda Boetel with the University of Wisconsin-River Falls says, “Does that mean that there’s going to be excess pork on retail shelves outside of California in the United States? We will see some increase in exports, but is that going to compensate for what we’re not selling in California, so there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding what’s going to happen with pork prices.”

And she says with so many unknowns, pork producers are looking for answers. “Whether or not they’re going to see continued profitability, whether or not they should continue to try to grow the herds they have, or whether they should liquidate.”

Producers and distributors can no longer self-certify and are required to be audited by a verified third party.

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