Dutch dairy farmer embraces technology

A dairy farmer from the Netherlands is a strong proponent of technology.

Ron Von Burgsteden milks about 70 cows robotically near Leusden.

“And that same robot gives me a lot of information about rumination, the temperature of the milk, how much milk, how many kilos of feed they eat. It also (features) a pedometer (that tells me) how many steps they take.”

Speaking to Brownfield at the recent International Precision Dairy Farming Conference in Rochester, Minnesota, he says his Lely robots are on the cusp of making decisions so he won’t have to.

“They can combine data of course, instead of all different types of data. I have to think, the robot should think. That’s the next generation, maybe. But I’m looking forward to it because that makes my life much better.”

Von Burgsteden says dairy farmers in the Netherlands are in a better place compared to their U.S. counterparts, mainly because of fewer labor issues and cheaper feed.

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