Dryness impacting in-season fertility plans

Widespread dryness is limiting in-season fertilizer applications.

University of Minnesota Extension soil fertility specialist Daniel Kaiser says some farmers planning to side-dress are unsure of when and what to apply.

“Mainly because there’s some risk, particularly with dry conditions, for volatility of ammonia off of urea and urea-based fertilizers. Certainly dry urea is going to be the worst in terms of overall risk.”

He tells Brownfield because UAN is banded with 50 percent urea, there’s a lower chance for loss.

“Really the best option if you can’t play the game of trying to apply right before a rain would be looking at putting on some product like an AGROTAIN would really be the best option (because) it would limit volatility.”

Kaiser suspects potassium deficiency will also become a bigger problem in the next month in areas that remain dry.

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