Dry weather complicating herbicide decisions

An Illinois-based agronomist says dry conditions are complicating some herbicide application decisions across the Midwest.

Karen Corrigan with McGillicuddy-Corrigan Agronomics tells Brownfield residual herbicides work best when followed by rain within 10 days.

“Most forecasts for the next 10 days don’t have any rain in them, so my advice is to spray the post-application if needed for those weeds that are up and then save the residual for more favorable weather.”

She says many herbicides are formulated to control weeds no taller than 6 inches, so fields that are nearing that height restriction do need a post emergent application, but farmers should also be mindful of the crop stage.

“I was in some fields this week that had lost their first true leaf on corn and you really need to make sure that you can either find that or dig up the plant and figure out what the crop growth stage is because with the height restrictions, if you do those too late for the herbicides you’re using, some of them can really harm the yield.”

Corrigan also recommends reading the label for specific instructions on use in adverse conditions as some products recommend an increased rate or provide other suggestions for better performance.

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