Dry conditions getting more serious for South America

An agricultural meteorologist says the weather situation in South America is getting serious.

Drew Lerner with World Weather Incorporated says relief from the dry conditions aren’t expected anytime soon in Brazil.

“Looking at the end of the two week forecast maps, I started seeing some subtle hints the monsoon season might evolve. That’s December 1.”

Lerner says the upcoming rains won’t be well distributed until that time, which means farmers might plant a different crop instead of soybeans.

“We’re really crossing a line we can’t go back on with it being so late for planting soybeans. Some producers in Mato Grosso have already planted twice and the talk now is just forget the soybean crop and we’ll go with cotton or plant second crop corn without soybeans.”

Lerner was a speaker at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting Convention in Kansas City this week.

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