Drought limits wheat and soybean yields in northwest Minnesota

This year’s drought robbed top-end yield from a spring wheat and soybean grower in northwestern Minnesota.

Theresia Gillie of Hallock says rains mostly dried up after planting, resulting in a below average wheat crop.

“But we ended up getting enough of those small little periodic tenths here and there. And of course we had a wet 2020, so I think we survived mostly on some extra ground moisture that we had.”

She tells Brownfield soybeans looked good most of the season.

“Because those too got those little periodic rains (and) had plenty of extra ground moisture. But boy at the end we really needed that August rain (and) were supposed to get (it) after wheat harvest (but) it fizzled out and (the soybeans) ended up losing a lot of top pods.”

Gillie recently finished harvest and says soybean yields were about 25 percent below normal.

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